Throughout this site, the word "mixed media" refers to a combination of oil, watercolor, colored pencil, graphite, chalk pastels, and in some cases, black and white photography.

The paintings featured here began with an underpainting which consisted of a detailed drawing on a textured gessoed board or a black and white photograph. Next are several layers of transparent glazes and washes, usually oil, sometimes watercolor, sometimes both. These layers are then supplemented with colored pencil. (If you’re wondering how I get all this stuff to mix together, ask nice, and I may tell you.)

Professional color photographic prints, suitable for framing, are available on a custom basis, printed no larger than the original artwork. Prices vary according to size. Prints are rolled, insured and shipped via Fed EX and take 1-5 weeks for delivery after payment is received. Checks or money orders only. Please email me for more details.

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